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The default usergroup for all Hack Forums Staff member.
Type: Executive
Founded: 07/08/2007
Owner: Omniscient
All Members SkorpKing Of HeartsSam WinchesterRoger Waters
Previous Members Kuroda_ShunSkittles- (Codine)Raseilord-RikaStarwizbsdpunksangederominVipVinceSoldier of FortuneKn1ghtHistoric Moron (hacker22)Simon ParkerInfamousBytesVaqxineThe Rated R SuperstarEtheryteVorfinkutmustakurtphire nuk3rSagedRusty_vN3w_2_H@Ck1n™SkillAsSaSs@iNYinRichieIIIkewlhotrodcobijascream_iamS7NT3h Hack3rMoralitasKr4z1xeroticMr KewlGenuineWolvesChrisbuggaD3xusHexicidalEmylbusViral DragonRDCAParadoxumJudge DreddXch4ng3!!* Alone Vampire *!!Roger Waters


This is the usergroup all Staff Members are a part of.


No history has been specified for this group.

Current Status