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Spy (Award).png
For those HF Spies that are everywhere. Trust no one.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 69


The Spy Award is given to intelligent and smart people. Akin to the Ninja award, these users do their business quietly and effectively without drawing attention to themselves.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Judge Dredd Always lurking in the shadows. 01-07-2013
t0ks1ck™ That was a good one. 01-14-2013
Baked Slick bro..slick. 03-29-2013
Connected. For those clever moments you have. 07-27-2013
Flaxpicker You are Arrow the spy. 09-05-2014
Aurora You are a special potato spy. 09-09-2014
Salty Aren't you the detective. 02-17-2015
Tick The Tick is a secret agent spy with a mission to win at all costs. 04-06-2015
Zayzo You are like a ghost. 01-13-2016
Delicious Mission Impossible style! 03-22-2016
Jennis Lurking in the shadows. 04-15-2016
Mr. Robot Sneaking around corners. 07-03-2016,
grail You probably just saved a few members some BTC. 11-29-2016
๖ۣۜMaximus Your ability to spy is outstanding. 06-05-2017
Riyu~っ☆ Keeping finding that scammer. 10-10-2017