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  • ...ff members have become mentors, but it is common. This article details all members who are no longer a member of the staff usergroup. It does not list the [[f
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  • ...o remarked that the person closest to him on the forum would be the fellow mentor [[Positive]], because he was one of the nicest people to talk to along with | History = * Demoted several times from Mentor but promoted later on.
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  • ...milestones was being able to disinfect over 125 infected [[Hack Forums]]' members. cobija was also known for being active on the official [[Hack Forums]] Tin * Former Mentor
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  • ...s of the forum. They are given a special userbar and abilities which other members do not have. They are a separate group from [[Staff]] and [[Administrators] To be added to the Mentor user group, the member must be chosen by [[Omniscient]], with an unknown re
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  • but decided that this position was not for him. Steve currently assists members in various sections to that best of his ability, and has realized that Hack * Former [[Mentor]]
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  • ...ce picking him". When asked which members know him the most he referred to members part of Staff as he communicates with them frequently. * Former Mentor
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  • This is a '''list of Past and Present [[Mentor|Mentors]]''' on Hack Forums. There are currently {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Past Mentors}} members who were Mentors at one time:
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  • ...Alliance, a leader of The Reviewers, a position on the Staff, as well as a Mentor. He has kept himself clear of the controversies that seem to swarm around t * Current Mentor
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  • ...spectively. In June of 2014, Roger Waters was appointed to the position of Mentor. On November 18, 2015, Roger Waters was promoted to probational Staff, and * Former Mentor
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  • ...Non-upgraded and L33t members cannot junk their own threads, however Ub3r, Mentor, Staff and Admins can. After a period of time, the Junk forum accumulates a
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  • ...section. Before his ban, he was known for hosting upgrade contests for new members to welcome them to the site. Tsgh Mike was a trainee in the HJT Team, but d | History = * Former Mentor
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  • ...s, and has been most active in the Reputation Abuse Support section, where members appeal against reputation which they have been given for reasons against Ha ...d from his Staff position after several months of inactivty and was made a Mentor once again.
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  • ...ed to [[Mentor]] in the next few months. After being vouched by then staff members [[Kn1ght]] and [[iBruteforce]], TRRS was also invited by [[Omniscient]] to * Former Mentor
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  • ...o achieve a prestigious position as [[Staff]], especially after becoming [[Mentor]] when he realized that becoming [[Staff]] was a real possibility. He was reinstated as Mentor in February 29, 2018 with a few other members.
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  • * Former Mentor "Training" other members to be better members in general. ]
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  • ..., [[Judge Dredd]], [[bugga]] and [[ShadowCloud]]. She commented that these members were all remarkable users who had distinct personalities and were the peopl * Former Mentor
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  • ...rum here as well, and Omniscient again rewarded him and added him to the [[Mentor]] usergroup. Omniscient also removed the turkey award which he previously h ...kied, gravedigged, and junked thousands of the threads on Hack Forums. The members of Hack Forums were stirred up and worried whether their information was go
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  • Since joining, he has always tried to help out members as much as he can. His efforts were rewarded a year later as he got promote ...ator]] in the forums. He stepped down 2 years later and got demoted as a [[Mentor]] until eventually reverting back to [[Ub3r]].
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  • ...s the most of his time on Hack Forums within the Void sub-forum and aiding members in the [[Rules, Announcements, News, and Feedback]] section. Hexicidal's in *Former [[Mentor]]
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  • ...ed to become established and be like one of those high-quality, well-known members in the community. </blockquote> Tony was asked if he had any advice for new members looking to get into hacking. He responded with this
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