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  • ..., upgrade groups, staff, and site groups. These groups consist of multiple members and often times a leader, or several leaders. There are different ways to g These are usergroups which members purchased from Hack Forums. They are member owned, and have one or more lea
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  • has been created and maintained by the HF Wiki Team, a sub-section of [[Writers]]. The team consists of a group of volunteers who perform tasks in several content to be updated, as well as recruiting and bringing on-board new members.
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  • ...on about Hack Forums. For the subforum in which editions are posted, see [[HF News (Forum)]].</small></i> | GroupName = HF News Team
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  • ...t parts of Hack Forums was the HF [[Writers]]. He was blacklisted from the writers at first, and was added once again but kicked right after. He was re-added
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  • ...e. He joined [[Infamous I]] in August of 2013 becoming one of the elite 29 members which he was very proud of at the time. Another goal Tonight had was to cre ...ion and was already a member of a forum called TheTechGame. Tonight lurked HF and was scared to sign up at first because he was afraid of being hacked.
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  • ...erything he knew about virus removal. Nuworld was selected as one of the 5 members, and after a year of learning, he became a notable member in the [[White Ha ...ble to learn more about [[Hack Forums]] and interact with numerous notable members. After the user [[Viral Dragon]] decided to step down as the Wiki leader, t
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  • ...RATs Crew]], because he felt the leaders were pushing members too hard and members weren't getting much in return except the userbar. Because of his membershi people in The Alliance, and that was the best experience he has had on HF.
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  • done by [[RyanC]]. RyanC hacked [[Tibit]]'s account, removed all Empire members and moved every thread to the Lounge. Over the course of 24 hours, D3xus mo * Current publisher and template/design manager of the [[HF Wiki]] team
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  • ...ld love to see the site continue to grow and give others the opportunities HF has given me. | GroupName2 = Writers
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  • Don't let the Ubers and Higher up members with their neg reps get to you, just be a decent member and the Green apple * Former "Interviewer" for [[HF News]].
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