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  • ...™ has contributed a lot to the forum by being a part of Staff and being an administrator. This did not hinder him from being a successful currency exchanger. ...el I always have been fair and equitable while moderating and dealing with members. I know I have my share of haters but nobody can accuse me of being partial
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  • ...ior administrative action. The number of staff members usually sits at 5-6 members at any given time. == Staff Members ==
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  • ...ce picking him". When asked which members know him the most he referred to members part of Staff as he communicates with them frequently.
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  • ...s, and has been most active in the Reputation Abuse Support section, where members appeal against reputation which they have been given for reasons against Ha ...ast 4 years, administrating both the forum and the reputation system as an administrator and helping [[Omniscient]], as well as spending countless hours on Hack For
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  • Since joining, he has always tried to help out members as much as he can. His efforts were rewarded a year later as he got promote ...Besides [[Omniscient]], he was one of the eight users that served as an [[Administrator]] in the forums. He stepped down 2 years later and got demoted as a [[Mento
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  • ...onal community that boasts over two million threads and 400,000 registered members. With how large Hack Forums is, Omniscient's decisions on running the site ...ity is known throughout Hack Forums, sometimes in a negative light as some members have distributed his "dox" that includes his full name, address and other p
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  • ...d is a group for members who have met certain requirements set by the site administrator, [[Omniscient]]. A member that is in R3KT does not have to pay any joining
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  • ...e no explicit conditions to obtain this award; they are delivered to other members at his sole discretion.
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  • ...lans shifted from strictly hacking posts to casual interactions with other members. Evangelist wanted to attain notoriety, but saw this as an impossible goal. ...has no passion for a skill like hacking. He is already a certified Network Administrator and Computer Technician, but he does not go in depth of these topics while
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  • ...rise of the Graphics tab. He became close friends with [[iBruteforce]], an administrator at the time, and was one of the founding leaders of the [[Graphic Masters]] ...rts]], and [[Wiki Team]]'s new logo. He was a contributor, alongside other members, to the graphics of [[Reverence]] and the [[Wiki Team]]'s old logo. Buzz' p
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  • ...kied, gravedigged, and junked thousands of the threads on Hack Forums. The members of Hack Forums were stirred up and worried whether their information was go * Former Administrator of [[HackerCraft]]
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  • his cousin Kohsti in the year 2012. The two began assisting other forum members with RATs and botnets to gain reputation and notoriety on the forum. A memb ...r users, Vinnie and Kohsti amassed a great deal of wealth setting up other members' RATs and encrypting their clients for further usage. Vinnie applied for an
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  • ...assist with server costs and retaining a level of overall profit. As forum members didn't like the overall idea of donating to receive both emeralds and diamo ...sist with covering the total cost of a paid faction. Mr H was removed from administrator on the same day as Omniscient felt he wasn't needed anymore if the server w
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  • * 08-11-11 Members are no longer allowed to have [ ...ttp:// gang-repping] on other members.
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  • ...the ones found here. Some sites may be advertised with the approval of the administrator; contact Omniscient with the link asking where you can post it. to any malicious file such as Trojans, spyware, or malware to infect members is unacceptable. Reporters are to provide conclusive proof before declaring
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  • ...ously, the [ Orcus Remote Administrator]. Don't let the Ubers and Higher up members with their neg reps get to you, just be a decent member and the Green apple
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  • so it could be maintained more efficiently by Wiki Team Members and all members who decide to contribute to the Wiki. This page consists of the more freque Also, members with positive reputation can post in all of the Marketplace with the below
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