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  • | PreviousIteration = Titans ...oduction = Torque is a group dedicated to automotive enthusiasts. The members of this group pride themselves on their vast knowledge of all things automo
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  • | NextIteration = Titans ...a total of three consecutive months. However, this is speaking purely for members. There is one instance in which a leadership position became available for
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  • ...w years. [[iHydra]] stated that Polyzen is a mix between the user groups [[Titans]], [[Red Lions]], [[Writ3rs]], and [[Polymath]]. ...g to lead it like he does with [[Writ3rs]]. He practices this by splitting members into small teams based on their main skill, whether it be writing, designin
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  • ...olls in Hack Forums history, about HF being hacked which resulted in staff members posting global alerts and ultimately the closing of his and several other's ...with repkills and bans to Nightfall members involved with harassing Titans members.
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  • ...charge of reviewing services/products offered on Hack Forums, and a lot of members looked up to their reviews to determine rather or not they should purchase *Former Leader of [[Titans]]
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  • ...Seeing as we are such big supporters, the Minecrafters will solely recruit members, give away spots, etc. through the HackerCraft server." Timeline: Complexity -> Infamous II -> Titans -> Minecrafters
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  • joined [[Blackshades]], but was quickly kicked out with the rest of the members due to the owner of the group (xvisceral) being arrested for his criminal a | GroupName3 = Titans
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