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  • | GroupName = The Brotherhood | GroupBanner = The Brotherhood (Banner).png
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  • ...goals are to continue his work in the Innuendo section, to win [[Member of the Month]], and to become a [[Mentor]]. | AwardName10 = Member of the Month
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  • | GroupDesc = The Marketers are a group of HF members focused on improving the overall quality of Hack Forums. By decreasing scams and selling better prod | Parent = The Marketers
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  • | Parent = The Marketers | PreviousIteration = The Brotherhood (2017)
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  • ...yptocurrency, the technology around cryptocurrency, and believe in helping the community of Hack Forums.. | Leaders = Kill Joy {{o}} [[Makaveli The Don]] {{o}} ScreemS
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  • like a brotherhood when it came to those who were genuinely devoted to the group. ...oviding clues on how to obtain an invite within the replies of the thread. The group lasted five months before being rebranded.
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  • This is the end... my one and only friend, the end.] * Former Leader of [[The Brotherhood]]
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  • | GroupName = The Creed | GroupBanner = The Creed (Banner).gif
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  •, he decided to forget hacking his supervisor as he started to browse on the forums instead. ...the 5 members, and after a year of learning, he became a notable member in the [[White Hat Malware, Virus, and Rat Removal Help]] section.
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  • ...inally made an account on the 9th of September 2009 and was very active in the general discussion and group boards. ...tly for a while, but both of the leaders got busy with their own lives and the group was shut down.
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  • ...ack Forums]], which led him to create multiple userscripts for the rest of the community. He helped [[Emylbus]], [[Roger Waters]], and many others with th he was at fault], and 'Snorlax was granted the [[Diamond]] award after a while.
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  • ...having their opinion clashing with Wires. His first proud contribution on the Habbo section was a thread regarding how to setup a RP (role-play) retro. ...ote Administration Tool). He used his newly found skills and employed them the good way to help his friend out.
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  • ...der and owner of Hack Forums. His name was originally labrocca in 2007, at the forum's start, until he changed it to Omniscient. His reason for this chang ...running the site are not always met with acclaim but he continues to head the site, regardless of any criticism and controversy.
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  • ...cs, trying to learn as much as one could. This led to falling in love with the forum and all that it had to offer. ...d was able to build up his portfolio. Through this, he also began entering the currency exchange market.
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  • This is the list of Hack Forums Groups which fall under different categories: '''Active "The first rays of light that sustain a new day."
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  • ...rther expanded on his online life and career and expanded with like-minded members. ...hrough a contract violation. Zeus was also one of the first leaders of the Brotherhood revival but due to complications between himself and Nuworld he was removed
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  • each day, meet new people, make some friends, and to help others with the experiences he had encountered. Overall, [[Tibit]] has made the biggest impact. I was accepted into [[The Empire]] over 8 months ago, and we have been good friends since then. Sever
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  • ...jority of his posts can be found in the [[Remote Administration Tools]], [[The Lounge]] and [[Rules, Announcements, News, and Feedback]] suforums. ...n intrigued Armada into buying and selling different tools, most famously, the [ Orcus Remote Administrat
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  • ...n need of an account so he created an account on Hack Forums just to check the account selling thread. ...e Cooligan noticed how cool and friendly the Hack Forums community was. At the time of joining, he was also looking for something
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