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  • | GroupName = Red Lions | GroupBanner = Red Lions (Banner).gif
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  • ...the most known [[Hack Forums users]]. While he is still the owner of [[Red Lions]], Nokia has been missing in action since September 3, 2016. * The founder and leader of [[Red Lions]]
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  • a notable user. Genuine was also a former leader of [[Valor]] and [[Red Lions]]. Actively playing Halo 3, he came across many cheaters. While searching f ...key to Genuine's success is helping everyone out and finding solutions to members' issues. Genuine holds no regrets and is happy with what he has achieved on
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  • ...a]] stated that Polyzen is a mix between the user groups [[Titans]], [[Red Lions]], [[Writ3rs]], and [[Polymath]]. ...g to lead it like he does with [[Writ3rs]]. He practices this by splitting members into small teams based on their main skill, whether it be writing, designin
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  • ...on. The group previously hosted a "Spy Squad" that worked towards exposing members who were multi-accounters, account sellers, and account buyers. The group i was formerly known as the [[Marketers]], until it was closed due to members' involvement in massive thread bumping. It was purchased by [[Cryptic™]]
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  • joined [[Blackshades]], but was quickly kicked out with the rest of the members due to the owner of the group (xvisceral) being arrested for his criminal a Pushing forward, Wires was accepted into the mysteriously well-known Red Lions under the leadership of [[Hуѕтєяιa X™]] & [[Morchid]], and then aga
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  • ...Seeing as we are such big supporters, the Minecrafters will solely recruit members, give away spots, etc. through the HackerCraft server." thinkers that are dedicated to giving back to HF and also helping other members in the group.
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  • ...rts]], and [[Wiki Team]]'s new logo. He was a contributor, alongside other members, to the graphics of [[Reverence]] and the [[Wiki Team]]'s old logo. Buzz' p
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  • Regulus also began posting in [[The Lounge]] while meeting new members and making friends. I like to meet new members and that's something you do when you join groups. [...]" </blockquote>
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  • ...r has to his current standing in the community. Deities is one of the only members to have a much higher reputation count than his post count. <blockquote>All the members from our 'MSN' life during The Alliance. (They know who they are). As for a
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  • ...and [[Techsperts]]. He led Techsperts for some time, then joined the [[Red Lions]]. The Alliance had the greatest impact on him and was helped what shape hi done by [[RyanC]]. RyanC hacked [[Tibit]]'s account, removed all Empire members and moved every thread to the Lounge. Over the course of 24 hours, D3xus mo
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  • ...rther expanded on his online life and career and expanded with like-minded members. ...owledge in the online world, he later joined the group Null, Instinct, Red Lions as well as Terminal. Following that he went on to lead Wolfpack. Once havin
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  • ...kied, gravedigged, and junked thousands of the threads on Hack Forums. The members of Hack Forums were stirred up and worried whether their information was go * Former Leader of the [[Red Lions]]
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  • ...unt of time I was in The Creed, I helped out [[Tranquility]] with checking members for activity. I liked him as a person, but I believe Primal Rage got the be ...joined The Empire a while ago, I was active and got to know a lot of their members. I noticed one thing--their leaders kept coming and going for various reaso
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  • ...of browsing for interesting topics, Mr. Robot came across the group [[Red Lions]] and was inspired to live up to their example of dedicating themselves to who deserve respect", aiming to consists of some of the highest quality members the site had to offer.
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