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| AwardName3  = Gift
| AwardName3  = Gift
| AwardName4  = Legalize It
| AwardName4  = Legalize It
| GroupName1  = Null
| GroupName1  = Royalty
| GroupName2  = The Black Lodge
| GroupName2  = 3p1c
| GroupName3  = DARK
| GroupName3  = Null
| GroupName4  = Fusion
| GroupName4 = The Black Lodge
| GroupName14 = 3p1c
| GroupName5 = Fusion
| GroupName15 = Ub3r
| GroupName6  = Riptide
| GroupName7 = Ub3r

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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 03-29-2015

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Skyline used to play Runescape full time before he was robbed of his Runescape riches through a crafty RAT attack by his close friend. Hell-bent on revenge, #Skyline spent all of his time researching about the ways of RAT and how it can affect others. And through that did he register an account on Hack Forums.

When you learn, teach. When you get, give. When #Skyline grasped the basic fundamentals of RAT, he started helping other users through help desks and so on. Once such help desk that #Skyline ran became very popular in 2013. #Skyline also contributed to the community in the form of user upgrades.

Besides that, #Skyline also caused a lot of drama on Hack Forums. Self-proclaimed as ‘King of drama on HF’, #Skyline was involved in numerous dramas especially the one between Tibit, RyanC and Vinnie which resulted in Tibit’s account (Hack Forums, PayPal) being hacked by RyanC and getting swatted. As #Skyline was involved in this, he tweeted Tibit with the following message.

@TibitXimer How is your front door again? LOL

The tweet eventually led to the closure of #Skyline’s account in 2013. Other than that, #Skyline was also framed for multiple scams and hacking Skype accounts.

Even with a bad history, #Skyline was mysteriously pardoned and was allowed to register back an account on Hack Forums. Since then, he wishes to be focusing more on learning and making money.


  • Involved in various site dramas

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Smoking Marijuana
  • Network Security