Skill (2017)

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Skill (2017)
Skill (2017) (Userbar).png

From Atari to mobile, Skill is for gamers who simply love to game.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: March 30th, 2017
Owner: Raptor.
Leaders Package
Past Leaders Starstruck
Previous Iteration: Fusion
Skill (Banner).gif


Skill is a group dedicated to gaming, be it casually or competitive, on a Sega Dreamcast or high-end PC. We simply love to game. Our subforum consists of everything gaming, from discussions to group gaming nights and more. The group will have game-nights, tournaments, streams and more. We look forward to seeing a lot of true gamers join us on this journey.


On March 30th, 2017, group owner Raptor. decided to rebrand the former gaming group Fusion, into a group that better served its name, along with a userbar that fit its theme. Upon launch, Skill’s main outlook was to maintain a gaming aspect that brought people together that would engage the users both on and off-site. The was performed through a series of division-like categories that were introduced or highlighted. The group mentioned its realm of gaming consoles that were welcome to the group. Those of which being Atari, Nintendo, the PlayStation and XBOX console series, PC, mobile, and handheld devices such as the PSP.

As Raptor. still maintained ownership of Skill, his sole commander Package remains leader. Raptor. chose Starstruck as he had previously been in contact with Raptor., expressing his deepest concern and sincerity for the relaunch of Skill, but has since then been removed. Seeing as he was a diehard fan of gaming group, and Skill’s previous iteration in specific, this is when Raptor. decided to present the newfound group and their mission to the community of Hack Forums. Due to personal connection, gaming and group experience, time available, and the realization that an additional leader was needed in order to provide Skill with the success they had destined, Package was chosen to lead alongside his partner.

During Skill’s prime (mid-2017), several giveaways and gaming events were hosted by members of the group in better efforts to enhance the overall image the Raptor. and leaders were striving for. Though as the group’s activity has slowly declined, the push for such interest has been put to a temporary halt. The group overall still fights for an image of success and gaming, despite the altered outlook from lack of participation. With this being said, group leaders started a cleansing process of the group which took place on the 12th of October 2017, kicking all inactive participants and keeping only active members around. After the first phase of removal, the total member count dropped from 121, ending at 64 members, per the Hack Forums News.

As of now, Skill's current goal is to increase activity of the group. Not just within the subforum, but as a whole. Their long-term goal is to return the group to its original state; how it started, with members frequently playing either through the official Skill Discord or via other means.

Current Status

Skill is no longer active.