Shopping Deals

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Shopping Deals
FID: 121
Status: Open
Moderator(s): MentorsRiggsZain
Forum Tab: Money Tab

Are you looking for that awesome discount or coupon? Maybe you know about a deal you want to share. This area is for shopping deals both online and offline.


If you want to find a good deal or if you ahve found a good deal and want to share you can post it here! Shopping Deals is not for self-promotion but rather to share awesome discounts.

Subforum Rules

  • Do not post topics where you are a seller.
  • Do not post topics where you want to buy from a member.
  • Do not post methods to scam stores.
  • No posting of fake coupons.
  • No links for referral or commissions.
  • No discussion on fake or counterfeit goods.

Important Stickies

The Freebie Thread! by Trust

READ THE RULES by Omniscient