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| DateFounded      = July 13th, 2015
| DateFounded      = July 13th, 2015
| Owner            = Cibor
| Owner            = Cibor
| Leaders          = [[Grievous]] {{o}} [[Fiber]]
| Leaders          = [[Fictional]]
| PastLeaders      = [[_r00t]]
| PastLeaders      = [[_r00t]] [[Grievous]] [[Fiber]]
| PreviousIteration = -
| PreviousIteration = -
| NextIteration    = -
| NextIteration    = -

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Royalty (Userbar)2.png

Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: July 13th, 2015
Owner: Cibor
Leaders Fictional
Past Leaders _r00t Grievous Fiber
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: -
Royalty (banner) 2.png


Royalty is a group focused on the marketplace and offers several benefits to its members. Besides sharing knowledge and marketing strategies, I will personally and financially vouch for my members in their sales threads. Potential customers will feel safer while seeing buyer's protection by an official HackForums group, therefore you can expect more sales. Fear of getting scammed is a quite large factor in the process of buying products, and I believe we can get rid of that.


Royalty was the first group ever bought through an auction with Omnicoin, which ended on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015. The winning bid was made by Cibor with a bid of 2.8 million Omnicoin.

Current Status

Recruitment is open.