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The group is currently closed.


Group History

Previously known as the Minecrafters, Root was one of the most controversial groups on the forum. The first appearance of the group on Hack Forums was on a thread made by Castle Bravo on the 9th of April 2012, commenting on the differences between his Official Usergroup - Root, and the unofficial (but older) group; @ROOT. Root was focused on all aspects of hacking, both hardware and software. After numerous tutorials, help threads and unique methods being presented to the forum, Castle Bravo announced that he was selling the group on the 11th of January 2013, and posted an auction thread, with a $250 USD minimum, and a $3000 buy-it-now price. This was reached privately by Hawkcode After successfully selling the group, Castle Bravo and Ryan.C (a leader at the time) decided to accept all members who applied into Root, and generally cause mischief on the forum. Reports of Root members doxing and swatting other HF members, as well as leaders abusing forum moderator privileges that come with group leadership arose, resulting in the official closure of the group and the banning of several people involved by Omniscient. An official statement followed in this thread, where Omniscient announced:

The Root group is closed. Unfortunately incident after incident with their leadership has left me with no choice but to remove them from this website. I cannot tolerate members or staff being harassed by a group. I've tried to respect members knowing that some very skilled people were in the group but when that respect is not shown in return and even replaced with disrespect then I'm gonna have to do what I have to do.

Goal or Manifesto

We at Root would like to welcome members into our tight knit group openly and encourage users to learn, discuss, help, teach and overall just help the members in the group sub-forum as a whole.


The group only ever had two contrasting recruitments, one being an invite-only policy and the other accepting all users.

There were no formal requirements, except for knowledge in a part of the group.

Group Images