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Riptide (Userbar).png

The waves clash by the eye of the shore, thus the tide is born.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: January 26th, 2016
Owner: !Glitch
Past Leaders Prada • Zexo • Clique • Fiber
Previous Iteration: Axiom
Next Iteration: Equilibrium


Riptide was an official group based around media and the performing arts. Riptide was created for Hack Forums members to discuss their love for anything media related, such as the discussion of favorite movies/music, sharing music that members had created, discussing poetry and much more. Riptide was also a group for graphic artists and members were free to share their own art as well as give feedback on other members art. Riptide members created a very tight family-like aura within the group and were very active in the groups sub-forum.

Riptide had planned to release a mix tape as a group, containing music from several Riptide members, however these plans fell through when group activity died down. Another group project Riptide members had planned was to create a web store where Riptide members could sell their media, however this too fell through due to activity dying down and eventually, the group being sold.


Riptide was founded on January 26th, 2016 after !Glitch purchased Axiom from Icy. Riptide had a great idea behind the group however many plans and projects were not finished due to !Glitch's inactivity and thus the group was eventually sold to Soulmate.

Current Status

Riptide was sold to Soulmate who re-branded the group to Equilibrium.