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Riptide (Userbar).png

The waves clash by the eye of the shore, thus the tide is born.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 01-26-2016
Owner: !Glitch
Past Leaders FiberCliqueZexoprada
Previous Iteration: Axiom
Next Iteration: Equilibrium
Riptide (Banner).png


We are a group which captures the entire spectrum of art. We welcome all who posses skill or passion

in visual works (photography, drawing, cinematic), musical works (instrumental, vocal, compositions), written works (poetry, songwriting, rap), and all other forms of art. If you are affiliated in any of the forms of art, then you have a chance at being accepted into our group.


  • Axiom was bought by Glitch from Icy and re-branded to Riptide.
  • Riptide was sold to Soulmate and was re branded into Equilibrium.

Current Status

Recruitment is currently Closed