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Award Name Reason Date Given
Sapphire of Ub3r Thanks 09-15-2010
Silver Medal For the HF FB account. Thanks for providing it. 12-22-2010
Emerald Donator Thanks Riggs for todays donation. 06-06-2011
Rich Bitch Sometimes on a hard day it's donations that brighten the mood. 06-06-2011
Liberty Reserve Head LR Head says thanks! 06-07-2011
Militant Only real bad-ass members get this. 09-03-2011
Jokester For Special Riggs. 09-05-2011
Master Donator Rolling the donations... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYnFIRc0k6E All I can say now is thanks. 12-09-2011
DaBomb You are awesome. Looking forward to more Tinychats. 12-09-2011
Businessman Riggs is special. More so than Codevade. 12-28-2011
Hustler To piss of the haters and to pay for my gambling. 04-12-2012

Notable Positions

  • Moderator of Shopping Deals
  • Past leader of Marketers


Not enough information.


Not enough information.

Notable Events or Controversies

  • Led Marketers during Codevade's prolonged absence.


This member did not comply with Wiki Team members for information, hence the lack of detail in personalized sections.