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A repkill formerly known as repfuck is an action which can be performed by Administrators on any other member. It involves removing all positive reputation from a member, leaving only their negative and neutral reputations remaining. It is used as a punishment for members breaking a rule, generally associated with reputation abuse.

Actions which result in a repfuck

A repkill can be given for any reason, with the most common being:

  • Asking for reputation.
  • Corroborating with members to increase or decrease the reputation of others. (colloquially referred to as "gang rep").
  • Post-deleting.
  • Multi-accounting.
  • Calling someone a scammer in reputation without a scam report.
  • Scamming people.
  • Abusing staff.
  • Accident

Accidents & Reversibility

There have been some cases where the wrong member has been accidentally repkilled on a count of mistaken identity, which could possibly ruin a member's experience on the forum. This is generally met with an apology from Omniscient, but not always. There have been some events in which notable members have been repkilled due to either staff members being compromised or a group participating in widespread rule breakages, such as when the former group 'Root' amassed a group thread-bumping scheme, which is against the site rules.