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Status: Active
Join Date: 02-17

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Regulus joined Hack Forums on 02-17-2013.

Regulus joined Hack Forums back when a few of his Facebook Pages were hacked and he was trying to find someone who was able to recover them. However, the very first moment he joined is when he realized that Hack Forums has much more to offer than just hacking.

This is when Regulus decided that he wanted to learn new things. When Regulus decided that he wanted to learn some new things, he started to spend some time in the music and the rat sections.

Regulus then started to get more into crypto currency, mostly in the forum of bitcoins.

Regulus spent a great deal of time in the lounge meeting new members and making friends. "I enjoyed The Lounge very much as well since you could find some fun stuffs there [...]"

Since Regulus joined Hack Forums, he has contributed to the Hack forums community with many contests and free giveaways. "I started to contribute fast since I wanted to give something back towards the community as well since everyone was SO nice to me back then. I really liked that and respected that so I wanted to give back [...]"

In the three short years since his joining, Regulus has worked his way up within the community and has achieved many awards as well as being a member of some of the most respected groups here on Hack Forums.

Some of these groups include Red Lions, The Order, Riptide, Synergy, Eclipse, Fusion, and Notorious. "I am not sure when I joined these groups, some of the groups I am in I have been a part of for a good while. Reason I joined is because I like to be active and also be able to contribute a lot towards the groups. I like to meet new members and that's something you do when you join groups. [...]"


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