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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 12-02-2010

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RDCA joined Hack Forums on December 2nd, 2010. He had been infected and while someone was helping him remove the virus, he was introduced to Hack Forums. He joined to see what it was about, but left because he didn't want to be a part of the hacking community. He later returned on several occasions to find out more information about the different computing topics. At first, he just learned about malware and its removal and later applied to the HJT Team and was initially denied. He was later accepted into the HJT Team on Support Forums by Paradoxum. He graduated The HJT Teams courses in mid-2012.

He spends his days on Hack Forums helping out those in need in the White Hat Helpers sections and in the Rules, News, Announcements, and Feedback section doing what he can to assist others


  • Malware Removal Team Graduate and Former Teacher
  • Former HF News Writer
  • Former Reviewer
  • Former Staff Member
  • Current Mentor

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

Not available at this time.