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| Owner            = Zach
| Owner            = Zach
| Leaders          =  
| Leaders          =  
| PastLeaders      = [[Black Shadow]] {{o}} Killamvuz {{o}} Existence {{o}} Swag {{o}} Zɛus {{o}} *[[Qwazz]] {{o}} Zer0Man
| PastLeaders      = [[Black Shadow]] {{o}} Killamvuz {{o}} Existence {{o}} Swag {{o}} Zɛus {{o}} [[Qwazz]] {{o}} Zer0Man
| PreviousIteration = -  
| PreviousIteration = -  
| NextIteration    = -
| NextIteration    = -

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RATs Crew
RATs Crew (Userbar).gif
RATs Crew 2 (Userbar).png
To foster a place to discuss, help, and educate members about RATs.
Status: Closed
Type: Free
Owner: Zach
Past Leaders Black Shadow • Killamvuz • Existence • Swag • Zɛus • Qwazz • Zer0Man
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: -
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No introduction has been specified for this group.


The group was one of the first groups on HackForums it was brought on by Zer0Man. The group held discussions regarding RAT tools and helped new users learn about RATs. The group was active in the RATs sections around Hack Forums and posted many help desks.

Current Status

The group was dismantled on February 3rd, 2012 due to leadership issues.