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R00t (Userbar).png

Type: Upgrade
Founded: July 20, 2018


This upgrade was added to the site on July 20, 2018, following the suspension of the Ub3r upgrade, which was no longer purchasable. It was the second and final upgrade that any member could get on their account, as well as being a permanent upgrade that cost $50 in cryptocurrency. r00t was removed on March 27, 2019, and Ub3r was brought back as a yearly subscription. All members of the r00t usergroup were added to Ub3r.


The benefits of upgrading to the r00t usergroup are as follows:

  • All L33t features.
  • Ability to give negative popularity ratings.
  • Popularity power increased to 3 points.
  • Can give 25 popularity ratings per day.
  • PM box increased to 10,000 messages.
  • Search Favorites feature.
  • Can edit/delete your own posts up to 180 days.
  • Post flood limit set to 5 seconds.
  • Access to all member forums.
  • Can view Negative Popularity Log.
  • Can search Username History.
  • Can view past 72 hours Warning Log.
  • Removal of advertisements.
  • Can Rate Threads.
  • Special member group icon (replaces the L33t group image).
  • Max Post Length setting is 30,000 characters.
  • Ability to edit your post 15 times in 60 day period.
  • Additional thread creation ability in some Marketplace sections.
  • Access to Popularity Given.
  • Can edit your post after a moderator edit.
  • Special "Diamond of r00t" award.
  • Can deny PM receipts.
  • Can view invisible users in who's online list.
  • Custom stars.
  • Can invoke a Self Ban.
  • Ability to view other members warnings not just points.
  • Can open and close your own threads.
  • Additional private support for site problems.
  • Can sell signature in the Sig Market.
  • Can start their own Bytes Lottery.
  • Bytes earning bonus of 200% for post replies and new threads.
  • 1000 Bytes granted.


  • Must have at least 100 popularity rating.
  • Must have at least 250 posts.
  • Must be a member for at least 90 days.

Current Status

Users who felt that they qualified for the r00t usergroup could go to here and select r00t. The user's eligibility for the upgrade would be displayed and, if eligible, a user could be upgraded at a $50 fee that would be paid in cryptocurrency. r00t is no longer available and was replaced with Ub3r in March of 2019. All r00t users were added to Ub3r and the re-introduction of Ub3r came with a change to a yearly subscription model.

Conditions of Upgrading

  • Successfully passed all the requirements.