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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 04-30-2010

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Being curious after hearing it from his friend over an Xbox Live party, Qwazz signed up for an account at Hack Forums on April 30, 2010, hoping he could learn more about boosting experience and DDOS for FPS games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty. Living up the definition of his online identity for years even before he registered, Qwazz initially contributed to the Xbox 360, One, and Live Gaming forum, specifically in the Halo subforum where he offered daily MLG boosting services and gamer tag sales.

With his growing gamer tag sales, Qwazz then hit a snag that prompted him to upgrade to L33t status. At this point, he also realized that having a divine image around the forum is the key to improving his business. This made him more active and made him join the user groups The Gamers Crew and The RATs Crew, as well as The Alliance user group later on.

Coming from Xbox Live where everyone has a chip on their shoulder, it was a nice change for me. Seeing members actually working together on projects and having civil/intellectual discussions on various topics.

After experiencing what it's like to be in a custom user group, Qwazz wanted to get more immersed in the community in general. So he eventually tried to apply for Ub3r, to which he was accepted, resulting in a boost of his activity, his presence in the forum, as well as sales. He also started donating back to Hack Forums, earning him awards such as the Master Donator. He eventually ascended to leadership for The RATs Crew user group, The Black Knights user group, and the short-lived The Informers user group. Qwazz also played a pivotal role in the Techsperts user group as well as an advisor for the user group Propitious, leaving the leadership stage due to frustration from his former groups. Last but certainly not the least, he also pioneered the standardization of the weekly HF news as we know it today.

The whole thing started with my signature or the "★ Qwazz has given you a star!" idea, which was just a little something to make people smile after reading each of my posts.

As his presence in the forums grew, so did his signature "star." After creating an unofficial group, Team Qwazz - The Star Army, it stirred the forum enough for Omniscient to send him a message asking for a 24x24 pixel star image, not knowing that he was about to receive his very own award, the Qwazz Star, to originally hand out to 10 users of his own choosing. Such award also came at a price because when he received the ability to give it out, he also received hundreds of private messages asking about it, and he also became a victim of dozens of impersonations both in and outside of the forums.

Although active on status, Qwazz no longer tries to participate in the community actively, but has been kind enough to give the following statement:

This site and some of the people on it were great in helping me through hard times, I'm thankful for that.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests