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Join Date: 11-02-2008
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PurpleHaze was a well known troll from the early days of Hack Forums. His most famous troll was where he faked committing suicide which caused much distress to members. Eventually PurpleHaze went too far though after a member left him a -3. He created a fake Facebook account and hunted down the member claiming to be a friend and even the admin of Hack Forums asking for personal information of the victim. PurpleHaze they even tried selling the persons girfriend's dox. All the information can be found here.

More information from PurpleHaze's feedback thread:

You can probably already tell that this is not my real account. My real account is PurpleHaze and I was banned near the end of 2010. HackForums has changed so much since I left and most of you don’t even know who I am as most of the good hq old members are gone. I should first explain why I was banned. It was a combination of two trolls that I pulled, a fake suicide which was preceded by an in real life troll which I definitely took way too far out of anger. After my ban and fake suicide I simply left HackForums. I still lurked for a month or so on some of my other accounts occasionally making posts, only a few people knew who I was.

My journey began when I was young, 14 years old, simply searching for a hacking forum online just out my general interest in game hacking. Would you know it, HackForums appeared in the search engine. After making my account and familiarizing myself with the forum, I began reading, reading lots. HackForums was different back then. Two main differences I notice from now and then. Firstly, the user base consisted of high quality members. The second difference is that the focus was not on monetization and making money off programs and ebooks, but on actually learning and everything was free. HackForums at that time contained an extensive amount of knowledge and the users generally were willing to help. The forum was not filled with “help me use cybergate” or “hack my friend pc for me”. My very first thread ever posted is an example of this. I said, “I want to learn how to manually encrypt a .exe to make it undetectable”. Now all people do is run their file through a program someone else created. Most people are unable to even write basic programs or can only code in .NET. I had an interest in websites and so for the Christmas of 2008 my mom bought me a book on PHP and MySQL Web Development. I read it all and absorbed all the knowledge I could. I made my first website that had a very simple PHP based login system that made reference to my database to check for the user information. After PHP came my interest in programming where I learned C#, and again with the help of my mom buying me books. It came to the point where I was able to help other users with their problems. I was able to make threads and contribute to the community. I was releasing screen recorders, remote file explorers, all with publically released open sources of course. My greatest contribution before I was banned was an open source C# rat where I actually explained in detail what was going on in the background.

New friendships sprung as I began to get more involved in the community. At that time in my life I was around 14-15 years old and I did not have a lot of friends in real life. HackForums gave me a nice community and I spent a lot of time online. I began posting in the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics section and that was where I began to make enemies. I am not sure how it is now, but back then, people would rep you based on your opinion. If you talked against Christianity, the Christians would negative rep you. If you talked about any of the following subjects you would almost certainly have your rep adjusted; abortion, gays, Islam, gods, deities, poverty, etc. I had 200+ rep, which may not be a lot now since everyone has ub3r and other things, but at the time 200+ rep was good. I never really cared about rep and the marketplace was only just becoming what it is now. So rep essentially had no purpose (and still shouldn’t now… lol). Everyone knew me and I was in about seven user groups. I bought l33t but was never approved for ub3r because Omni based the decision on the user reputation, even though I was a high quality member.


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