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Propitious (Userbar).gif

We are a group of brothers that treat each other as our own.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: February 2012
Owner: iNviZ
Past Leaders TheHackersLoveMcFlurry
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: Infamous I
Propitious (Banner).gif


Propitious' aim was to help other members around the forum with problems that they may have, as well as contribute to the forum in any other way they could such as tutorials and guides. They prided themselves on being like a brotherhood when it came to those who were genuinely devoted to the group.


The group was purchased by iNviZ and TheHackersLove in February of 2012. Both forked in $500 for the initial deposit and raised the remaining funds from the group members. Propitious was an exclusive group that was universally held in high esteem by nearly everyone on Hack Forums. The group was generally invite-only, with only two recruitment threads being held during its tenure. The first recruitment thread consisted of only two questions: how someone would participate if they were to gain acceptance and why the applicant thought they deserved to be invited. The second recruitment asked no questions, rather providing clues on how to obtain an invite within the replies of the thread. The group lasted five months before being rebranded.

Current Status

The group was changed into Infamous I, led by iNviZ, TheHackersLove and Pali on July 3rd of 2012. All members were removed from the group during this time and the userbar, description and ficon of the group were changed.