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Previous Iteration: Divine


Prism's main focus as a group was that of programming and helping their members become more proficient. While programming tended to be their limelight, they also covered topics that involved technology, computer science, and security.


Prism started out as an invite only group but then soon started accepting $50 buy-ins and holding recruitments for those who have displayed skills that Prism was looking for, such as iOS developers.

The group was put in jeopardy by the user Zynogix when he posted within the subforum about creating an API that would place some of their content offsite. The intended purpose of the API was to keep their content safe from "prying eyes" and potential "rogue leaders." Zynogix went onto say that Hack Forums and the federal authorities are one in the same. Omniscient was tipped off to this thread and comment by an undisclosed member of Prism and stated that he will not allow such an API and threatened to close the accounts of every single member within the group. Zynogix was repfucked and had posting privileges suspended. This episode became public when a member posted it in the main Group and Crew General Discussions section, showing how the group's leaders allowed every one of its members accounts to be put in jeopardy.

Current Status

The group has been rebranded to Eternal on behest of ๖ۣۜNex+.