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Pirates is a group of adventurers who sail the Seven Seas in pursuit of great knowledge of any type and friends from any kind.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: May 16th, 2015
Owner: beslim
Leaders eCoLoGy • Razor • MeshCollider
Previous Iteration: Fortune
Next Iteration: DARK
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Pirates was another general purpose group that didn't have any set focuses. The premise of the group and the reason for its name was for the members to be like pirates out sailing to discover new knowledge. Members would post threads about various topics in the subforum hoping to teach other members something that they hadn't known previously.


Pirates held three separate recruitments in its time. Each recruitment offered a lifetime membership buy-in that would be available within the coming months, but that never came to fruition and eCoLoGy confirmed that they never actually accepted any buy-ins. eCoLoGy attempted to buy the group from beslim, but the sale ended up falling through and belsim retained ownership. The group lasted just over six months before being rebranded.

Current Status

The group got rebranded to DARK. The group was rented by Razor before beslim took over the group again due to payment issues.