Pink LSZ

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Pink LSZ
Pink LSZ (Userbar).png

Life's a trip.
Status: Active
Type: Free
Founded: February 3rd, 2021
Owner: Zero
Leaders spiralLavish LivingMullet Muscle
Previous Iteration: Gamblers


Pink LSZ, owned by Lavish, Spiral, and Zero, was created in January of 2021 with, initially, no actual goals in mind. Since then, the primary owner, Zero, has made a significant effort to turn it into a leading group on Template:Hack Forums. Overall, Pink LSZ is a group of individuals that are dedicated to both HF and the group, in addition to their fellow group members. Open recruitment occurs frequently and the group is always looking for more like-minded individuals to join, support, and grow together.


No history has been specified for this group.

Current Status

Users can apply to join the group by posting an application in the Pink LSZ recruitment thread located in the Group and Crew General Discussions section.