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==Group Images==
==Group Images==
More information required.
More information required.

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The group is currently closed.


Sean NetworkMancer n1tr0b Krizheil Airex Composure

Group History

The group was made in May of 2008 for Filipino hackers. It started back when free groups were allowed on Hack Forums, but down the line the group would be deleted for that reason. The group didn't really have a goal, but it did release a crypter to everyone.

One of the leaders, n1tr0b, has said about the group: "Run with the tide if you want to become something."

Goal or Manifesto

In the past two years, the Philker is kept under strict rules having only members from our country. We were close minded that time and we thrive throughout the HF ages. Now, it's time to open our doors to those deserving ones who would learn our ways in Cyberspace.


To join the group you had to be a Filipino. Besides that there was no other requirements for recruitment.

Group Images

More information required.