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This member is a current or past Writer on Hack Forums.
The Writers of Hack Forums are a group of members who are allowed to edit the HF Wiki, HF News, and Help Documents.
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Status: Active
Join Date: 09-09-2009

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  • Former Owner and Leader of Scammer Clean Up Crew
  • Owner of Panik Gang
  • Former Leader of D.S. Inc
  • Involved in one of the largest member-sponsored trolls in Hack Forums history, about HF being hacked which resulted in staff members posting global alerts and ultimately the closing of his and several other's accounts.
  • Involved in "Operation #TitanFall" which resulted in the closing of the Nightfall sub-forum with repfucks and bans to Nightfall members involved with harassing Titans members.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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