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| Alias4      =  
| Alias4      =  
| AwardName1  = Drunk
| AwardName1  = Drunk
| AwardName3  = HackerCraft Purple
| AwardName3  = Ethereist
| AwardName4  = OMC
| AwardName4  = OMC
| AwardName5  = Litecoinage
| AwardName5  = Poké Ball
| AwardName6  = Gift
| AwardName7  = Instagrammy
| GroupName1  = Administrators
| GroupName1  = Administrators

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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 04-21-2007

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Omniscient is the founder and owner of Hack Forums. His name was originally labrocca in 2007, at the forum's start, until he changed it to Omniscient. His reason for this change was a need for anonymity in a rapidly growing forum, although his identity would be known publicly later on. He also called upon his favorite book series, Dune, by Frank Herbert, as a way of explaining his name, in a topic found here:

Omniscient reminds me of a couple things.

A) I wield power

B) That power is a curse

C) Chaos is necessary to avoid boredom

Omniscient has been involved in several web development projects and forums, including MyBB Central, Support Forums and Hack Forums, among others. A collection of projects is available at Witza.

He founded Hack Forums as a side project in 2007. The site's success was slow and steady, but it has exploded into an international community that boasts over two million threads and 400,000 registered members. With how large Hack Forums is, Omniscient's decisions on running the site are not always met with acclaim but he continues to head the site, regardless of any criticism and controversy.

Despite Omniscient's original desire to remain more anonymous, his public identity is known throughout Hack Forums, sometimes in a negative light as some members have distributed his "dox" that includes his full name, address and other personal information. Because of this negative attention, Hack Forums automatically filters the name Labrocca back to "Omni."

Omniscient lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and kids.


Not available at this time.

  • Owner and administrator of Hack Forums

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

His personal interests are drinking scotch and reading the magazine, Cigar Aficionado.