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OMC (Award).png
This is the Omnicoin award. It is no longer obtainable.
Type: Discontinued
Award ID: 75


The OMC award was a donator-only award given to members who donated $25 worth of Omnicoin (abbreviated as OMC) to Hack Forums in a single transaction. Because the value of Omnicoins fluctuate, the award may require more Omnicoins to purchase the award at one point in time and fewer Omnicoins at another. As of November 18, 2015 the award is no longer available. More information on the end of OMC and the award can be found here.


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Information about Donating for Awards

Donating and purchasing awards allows HF to continue to exist. Many members like to show their support for this website. Awards are a status symbol for accounts so that all members know you've contributed to the site. The award will automatically be added to your account immediately after confirmation of payment. Please note that normally within 48 hours of your purchase you will probably get a personal thank you from the site owner. All members are valued but those who donate at the very least deserve an extra bit of personal appreciation. Those making high-end donations might also receive bonus awards and custom reasons in the award description. Thanks to all members who positively contribute to the community whether it's via donations or simply being part of this site.