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{{MemberBox | Username = Nuworld | UserID = 2208210 | JoinDate = 03-05-2014 | JoinYear = 2014 | CloseYear = | Status = Active | IsAdmin = | IsStaff = | IsModerator = True | IsMentor = | IsWriter = True | IsOMC = | Biography = Nuworld joined Hack Forums on March 5, 2014. He had found Hack Forums after a google search on "hacking." He was having a rough day at work and was interested in hacking his supervisor to get back at him. He decided to forget hacking his supervisor and started to browse on Hack Forums. After reading multiple threads, he decided to become a member of the community. For the first few months, he was nothing more then a lurker -- reading multiple threads in a day without leaving a post. He eventually decided to post in the White Hat Malware, Virus, and Rat Removal Help section because he was concerned that his computer might have fallen victim to a virus. Upon posting, a member assisted him in removing the virus successfully. It was then that Nuworld found interest in malware removal and decided to spend his free time in the section to learn as much as he could on the subject. The member that assisted Nuworld in the removal of his first virus decided to put out a recruitment, where he would teach 5 members everything he knew about virus removal. Nuworld was selected as one of the 5 members, and after a year of learning, he became a notable member in the White Hat Malware, Virus, and Rat Removal Help section. This caught the attention of a leader in the [[Brotherhood] group, which at the time was a very prestigious group. He was swiftly invited and became an even more notable leader, but unfortunately, this was short lived as Brotherhood was sold to Vyrez. After the sale of the group, Nuworld's activity on the site declined until he applied and was accepted to the Nightmare group. Shortly after, he was offered a leadership position in the group. He accepted the position for he had many ideas for the group. Unfortunately, the group was sold, and Nuworld repeated the cycle and became inactive again. Fortunately, a new group which was owned by the same owner of Nightmare had appeared, and it was named Marketers (2017). He was once again invited and offered a leadership position which he accepted. But the cycle repeated and soon enough that group had also been sold. Nuworld then decided to apply as a journalist for the Wiki team and was accepted. He found it very enjoyable, as he was able to learn more about Hack Forums and interact with numerous notable members, but the Wiki leader decided to step down, and the Wiki team fell apart. Recruitment was opened for a new leader of the Wiki team, and Nuworld was the only one who decided to step up for the task. He was put on a trial and managed to revive activity on the wiki and even improve some aspects. Nuworld eventually got a PM from Omniscient stating that he was now the head of the wiki page. | History = * Former Leader of Nightmare

| PersonComm = | Alias1 = Nuworld | Alias2 = | Alias3 = | Alias4 = | AwardName1 = Sapphire of Ub3r | AwardName2 = Emerald Donator | AwardName3 = Rich Bitch | AwardName4 = Ethereist | AwardName5 = Brony | AwardName6 = Legalize It | AwardName7 = Litecoinage | AwardName8 = Benefactor | GroupName1 = Writ3r | GroupName2 = Ub3r | GroupName3 = 3p1c | GroupName3 = Influence }}