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Null is a group centered on white hat security. Null is the name; security is our game.
Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: January 27th, 2014
Owner: Nobility
Leaders Escrow • Dubitus™ • Th3PonyWizard
Past Leaders T3h Hack3r • Ixaris • Soccer • Shanks • Vinnie
Previous Iteration: The Alliance
Next Iteration: -
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No introduction has been specified for this group.


The group was formed on January 27th, 2014, by T3h Hack3r who purchased the group from Paradoxum during the sale of The Alliance for $3000. T3h Hack3r then sold the group to Vinnie for $8000 who kept it in its original state and direction with Nobility being the stand-in "owner", due to Vinnie being ineligible to own a group as he already owned Instinct. The group focuses on the theme of hacking and has several services including a White-hat student program.

The group currently has a sub-section within it called "The Black Hand" - this section is ran by Dubitus™ and Zayzo. It mainly focuses on 'doxing' and Online Forensics. It currently has a "anti-scam" service running along with a student program.

Current Status

The current status of this group is unknown.