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Null is a group centered on white hat security. Null is the name; security is our game.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: January 27th, 2014
Owner: Nobility
Leaders Kawaii • Dubitus™ • Avunit‌
Past Leaders T3h Hack3r • Ixaris • Soccer • Shanks • VinnieTh3PonyWizard
Previous Iteration: The Alliance
Next Iteration: Notorious
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Null is the name; security is our game.


The group was formed on January 27th, 2014, by T3h Hack3r who purchased the group from Paradoxum during the sale of The Alliance for $3000. T3h Hack3r then sold the group to Vinnie for $8000 who kept it in its original state and direction with Nobility being the stand-in "owner", due to Vinnie being ineligible to own a group as he already owned Instinct. The group focuses on the theme of hacking and has several services including a White-hat student program.

The group currently has a sub-section within it called "The Black Hand" - this section is ran by Dubitus™ and Zayzo. It mainly focuses on 'doxing' and Online Forensics. It currently has a "anti-scam" service running along with a student program.

Current Status

The group was sold to TheChief.