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Status: Active
Join Date: 07-28-2009

Master Donator (Award).pngRich Bitch (Award).pngEmerald Donator (Award).pngDrunk (Award).pngSapphire of Ub3r (Award).pngDog Lover (Award).pngDiamond (Award).pngStar (Award).pngHeart of the Lion (Award).pngMember of the Month (Award).pngLiberty Reserve Head (Award).pngQwazz Star (Award).pngMilitant (Award).pngNinja (Award).pngCuddly and Cute (Award).pngGrand Amethyst (Award).pngGrand Amethyst (Award).pngBenefactor (Award).pngGift (Award).pngGrand Amethyst (Award).pngGrand Amethyst (Award).pngGrand Amethyst (Award).png


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  • Total donations to Hack Forums total over $11,700 USD
  • Owner of Red Lions
  • Only member to have 5 of the same award (Grand Amethyst)
  • Only member to have award made exclusively for them

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

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