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Award Name Reason Date Given
Master Donator You're very generous. 10-03-2010
Rich Bitch Appreciate it. 10-03-2010
Emerald Donator Members such as yourself keep HF alive. 10-03-2010
Drunk You wanted it here ya go. 10-03-2010
Sapphire of Ub3r Thanks 10-03-2010
Dog Lover Has a kennel of dogs. Who can beat that? 10-12-2010
Diamond To the guy who's bought 70 member upgrades. 11-04-2010
Star Happy Birthday! And you deserve the star for becoming very popular on HF. 12-12-2010
Heart of the Lion This award is for you and you alone. It proves you have the heart of a lion and that you are king. 12-30-2010
Member of the Month For Dec 2010 MOTM contest. 01-13-2011
Liberty Reserve Head Another neat award from you. 05-24-2011
Qwazz Star Qwazz has given you a star. 04-19-2012
Militant For surviving the Arab Spring of 2011. 04-19-2012
Ninja If anyone deserves this award it's you. 04-19-2012
Cuddly and Cute I want you to have this. 04-19-2012
Grand Amethyst Without a doubt you are HF's #1 benefactor. I thank you so much. 10-03-2014
Grand Amethyst You're the best supporter of HF. Always appreciate your help here. 04-08-2015
Benefactor For HF's #1 benefactor. Salutations to you sir. 04-08-2015
Gift A gift from Omniscient. 04-08-2015
Grand Amethyst For the one with a generous heart. 06-15-2015

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