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Status: Inactive
Join Date: 07-28-2009

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Aliases: N/A


Nokia2mon2 joined the forum on 28th of July 2009, when he was searching for FUD servers on Google. Upon registering he was most active in the Hacking sections of the forum and later started hosting upgrade contests and began to support the forum. The Red Lions user group was given as a gift to nokia2mon2 by Omniscient, following a series of large donations to the forum. The first recruitment thread was opened on 10th of January 2011 by nokia2mon2 as the sole leader of the group. He is one of the most known Hack Forums users. He is currently not that active anymore, but still a leader of the Red Lions user group.


  • Total donations to Hack Forums total over $11,700+ USD
  • The Founder and Leader of Red Lions
  • First of the two members to have 5 of the same awards (Grand Amethyst)
  • First of the four members to have an award made exclusively for them

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Generous, kind and charitable
  • #2 donator on Hackforums
  • Has done big currency exchanges on Hackforums
  • Has upgraded over 70 Hackforums members