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Status: Closed
Join Date: 02/23
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Nivarka joined Hack Forums in February of 2011, in an attempt to learn about cyber security, remote administration tools, and general malware. He was extremely interested in how to protect himself against attackers who were always hacking into his Habbo accounts. After his phase of learning and understanding the power of malware and the available countermeasures, he began to realize the potential in the Hack Forums marketplace. He managed a World of Warcraft Game-Time selling service within the WoW section of the forum which was notably popular at that time. He also led two former groups Instinct and Nightfall. Later on, he ventured into the Currency Exchange section and met a lot of amazing people and grew bonds with some of them. Sadly, his account was compromised in 2016 and was closed for the same.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Exchanging currencies
  • Playing computer games