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Ninja (Award).png
You walk your business..and walk out. It's about stealth.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 13


User who have received this award were known for being particularly stealthy or sneaky around the forums, appearing out of nowhere at just the right time with just the right stuff. The award has also been given to users who have done things in real life that would qualify them as being ninjas, or equally stealthy.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Soldier of Fortune Because you're a damn bad ass ninja. 10-17-2008
Judge Dredd You are the definition of a ninja. 02-01-2009
Aнонимный A well deserved award. 08-14-2009
SoMuchMudKip You are the #1 Ninja of HF. 09-08-2009
kutmustakurt They didn't see that ban coming! 02-23-2010
Ace Boogie Thanks for being there for HF. 08-11-2010
Moralitas Know one knows how you do it. 09-29-2010
Volenar Do what you gotta do. 12-04-2010
phire nuk3r Shh.... 01-13-2011
Saged Oh so true. 04-22-2011
Ramsay448 One of the prized awards goes to a real stealthy ninja. 06-04-2011
nokia2mon2 If anyone deserves this award it's you. 04-20-2012
Dan. You just killed JWB with your ninja skills. 05-06-2012
Lavish Living Zajbu bestows the Ninja award upon you on Nov 19, 2018. 06-07-2012
Anakin™ I know you appreciate this. 01-17-2013
#Sultan I like your smooth moves. 03-30-2013
gon4eva I like how you operate. 05-11-2013
n0$f3ratu$ This award suits you better. 08-04-2013
Tyler777 Marines are not always about stealth but oorah anyways. 10-17-2013
FroStorm I like how you do things. 02-27-2014
Arzel A bonus award for your rather generous donations. Thank you. 03-26-2014
Kevin‌‌ You're very smooth and slick. Ninja like. 05-04-2014
xVulnerable One can easily tell you're a true Ninja. 05-28-2014
Nivarka Because I think you're a very mysterious member. 08-17-2014
Connected Just do your thing. 03-07-2015
Bull™ I love how you keep a low-profile. 03-19-2015
AnonNinja™ You're the Ninja here. 04-08-2015
glitchgxd You're keeping it on the DL. 01-12-2016
Talu Sneaky move...9 for 1. 06-30-2016
Devil You should be more stealthy. 08-11-2016
Kill Joy Quietly committed. 11-14-2016
Ronan. One can hardly believe you were in the room. 12-02-2016
fannas1 Four Calling Birds 12-15-2016
Skorp A nighttime ninia warrior spam assassin. 01-03-2017
Alex Lexsern bestows the Ninja award upon you on Nov 21, 2018. 08-07-2017
Steve Stealth gets you in but aggression gets you out. 08-09-2017
c$sh You keep it simple, I like that. 09-22-2017
MMLF You came out of nowhere and got it done. 10-29-2017
Factor8™ HF #1 Ninja Assassin 11-29-2017
Raymond Reddington For your stealthy business moves. 12-13-2017
Sorzus Simply because you're the real brains behind Orcus. 07-11-2018
muzzy. 08-22-2018
iNviZ Searching the desert for artifacts. 10-04-2018
Gσđfαtђα You're a sneaky devil. 03-14-2022
CrazyRDP Making it happen is important. 05-07-2022
Willy Robinson Sneaking in out of nowhere. 06-30-2022