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Moderators are members who moderate only certain sub-forums(s). They can only close, junk, sticky, and de-sticky threads. They have the same permissions as Mentors. They cannot ban, repfuck, or modify a user profile like Staff. It should be noted that group moderators are different than sub-forum moderators. Group moderators are only able to moderate their own, personal sub-forum.

Moderators used to be part of the Moderators user group, but Omniscient no longer adds forum moderators to this group. To see a current list of Moderators visit the showmods.php page.

Moderator List

Username Section Moderated
Judge Dredd Group and Crew General Discussions
Lani Polymath
Tasemu Anime Adventures
Zain Shopping Deals
Nokia2mon2 Red Lions
T3h Hack3r Null
Assualt AnimeFAN!
Diabolic Marketplace Discussions
Riggs Shopping Deals
Sonex Marketplace Techniques
Ethereal Wiki Talk
ibennz Programmers
iHydra Casino
HysteriaX Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and MP3
Vinnie Nightfall
Nivarka PC Gaming
Cryptic The Brotherhood
Glassy Red Lions
Grin Pet Peeve
Hexicidal L'appel du vide
Nobility Console Discussions
Dan. Minecraft
Looka Java Language, JVM, and the JRE
Crypto Omnicoin
Arrow Echo
Froggy HF l33t OT Discussions
Realizm Titans and Casino
Raptor League of Legends
Jake Millers Marketers
Syrah Zero
beslim Fortune
Bull Specialist
'Porygon Debug