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The Mentor position on Hack Forums is one of the most notable positions on the forum, with members moderating the different sections of the forum. They are given a special userbar and abilities which other members do not have. They are a separate group from Staff and Administrators, however most staff seem to be former Mentors. To be added to the Mentor usergroup, the member must be chosen by Omniscient, with unknown requirements and processes.

All staff are honorary members of this group, as well as other members who remain helpful and steadfast on the website.

Areas of Moderation

As part of the Mentors special permissions, they have special moderator permissions for many sections. The sections are as follows:

  • Rules, Announcements, News and Feedback
    • Suggestions and Ideas
    • HF News
    • Ub3r Support
    • Wiki Talk
  • The Lounge
    • Sports World
    • Tinychat,, Skype and Other Chat Invites
  • Personal Life
    • Innuendo
    • Education Nation
    • Pet Peeve
    • Health Wise
    • Vices
    • Bragging Rights
  • Member Contests
  • Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics
  • Beginner Hacking
    • E-Whoring
    • Worms, Malware, and Viruses
    • Private Investigation Methods and Anonymity
  • Website and Forum Hacking
    • SQL Injection Attacks
    • Requests for Hacking
  • Hacking Tutorials
    • Premium Hacking Tutorials
    • Free E-book Hacking Tutorials
    • Video Tutorials
  • Smartphone, Mobiles, Apps, and SDK
    • Android Operating System
      • Android Development
    • iOS and iDevices
  • Wi-Fi, WPA, WEP, Bluetooth, 4G, and LTE Wireless Hacking
  • Minecraft
    • Griefing
    • Minecraft Server Management
    • HackerCraft
  • Graphics
    • Graphic Resources
    • Graphic Battles
    • GFX Contests
  • Free Services and Giveaways
  • Monetizing Techniques
  • Crypto Currency
    • Omnicoin
  • Free Money Making E-books
  • Referrals
  • Survey Says
  • CPA / PPD Make Money
  • Shopping Deals
  • Investment Strategies and Markets

Abilities of Mentors

The public abilities of Mentors are as follows. There may be more which have not been disclosed by Omniscient.

  • All L33t & Ub3r features
  • The ability to Junk threads in their moderated sections.
  • The ability to Junk Split (Delete posts) in their moderated sections
  • The ability to Move threads in their moderated sections
  • The ability to Copy threads in their moderated sections
  • The ability to Close threads in their moderated sections
  • Can disregard the minimum 25-character requirement for posts in moderated sections
  • Access to the Mentor Sub-forum.
  • Special Userbar.

Becoming a Mentor

There is currently only one guaranteed method on becoming a mentor, which is stepping down from a Staff or Admin position. The privilege of Mentorship is earned, and appointed by Omniscient. The status of being a mentor can not be purchased.

Aside from that, Omniscient has stated the following about the Mentor group:

Mentors are my private group. I have no other comment to make nor do I want any information about Mentors published.

Userbar: [File:mentor.png]