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The Mentor position on Hack Forums is one of the most notable positions on the forum, with members moderating the different sections of the forum. They are given a special userbar and abilities which other members do not have. They are a separate group from Staff and Administrators, however most staff seem to be former Mentors. To be added to the Mentor usergroup, the member must be chosen by Omniscient, with unknown requirements and processes.

All staff are honorary members of this group, as well as other members who remain helpful and steadfast on the website.

Abilities of Mentors

The public abilities of Mentors are as follows. There may be more which have not been disclosed by Omniscient.

  • All Ub3r abilities
  • Able to close threads where Mentors moderate the forum.
  • Able to move threads.
  • Can disregard the 35-character post minimum.
  • Access to the Mentor Sub-forum.
  • Special Userbar.

Becoming a Mentor

There is currently only one guaranteed method on becoming a mentor, which is stepping down from a Staff or Admin position. Aside from that, Omniscient has stated the following about the Mentor group:

Mentors are my private group. I have no other comment to make nor do I want any information about Mentors published.

Userbar: [File:mentor.png]