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| GroupName1  = Enigma
| GroupName1  = Enigma
| GroupName2  = Ub3r
| GroupName2  = Ub3r

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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 03-21-2011

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Aliases: N/A


McFlurry originally joined HF to sell gamertags. When he joined McFlurry was the most active in the Gaming sections selling gamertags, releasing tutorials or just discussing various games. Throughout his time on HF McFlurry devoted a lot of time into white hat hacking as he was apart of the HJT Team and was selling multiple products.

McFlurry gained popularity on Hack Forums mainly because of groups. McFlurry used to lead numerous group on this forum such as the official group Reviewers. He was the moderator Premium eBook Bazaar section and various groups. McFlurry says that he has learnt a lot and made many friends through Hack Forums and is currently active after being inactive for almost 2 years.


Former leader of the Reviewers Former moderator of the Premium eBook Bazaar section Has lead various groups

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

Used to sell and trade gamertags Sold various hacking related products in the marketplace