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Marketplace Discussions
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FID: 163
Status: Open
Moderator(s): Diabolic
Forum Tab: Market Tab
Parent Forum: Marketplace
Subforum(s): Free Services and Giveaways
Appraisals and Pricing
Deal Disputes
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This is to be used for rules, policies, feedback, and general discussions about the HF Marketplace. Please read the stickies in this section before conducting business here.


There is nothing in particular of note about this subforum.

Subforum Rules

  • General MarketPlace Rules
    • HF will not be held responsible for deals made by members.
    • Read this guide on safe trading.
    • If you are scammed please use the Deal Disputes forum. Do not send staff a PM. There is little we can do.
    • If reporting a scammer please post as much evidence as you can.
    • If you are a l33t/ub3r member please leave the scammer feedback even if it's neutral.
    • We do not allow any deals that are associated with credit card, bank, or identity fraud.

  • Marketplace Discussions Rules
    • Do not use this section for buying, selling, or promoting your existing marketplace thread.
    • You cannot use this section to advertise.
    • This is not the deals dispute forum.
    • Please make sure your thread doesn't belong in another Marketplace forum area.
    • HF will not be held responsible for deals made by members. All deals at your own risk.

Important Stickies

The New Guide to the Hack Forums Marketplace by Roger Waters