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#REDIRECT [[The Marketers]]
*[[Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ]]
==Goal or Manifesto==
<blockquote>The Marketers are a group of HF members focused on improving the overall quality of HackForums. By decreasing scams and selling better products, we will be helping all members in any way that we can.</blockquote>
==Group History==
The Marketers was a group dedicated to the improvement of the overall quality of the marketplace on Hack Forums by attempting to reduce the amount of scams and to make sure only quality products were sold. To join the Marketers, a member had to meet the requirements and pay a fee of $50. The original and final owner of the group was [[Codevade]]. He had purchased the group during mid-2011.
The group was closed on May 13th, 2013 after it was revealed that group members had been severely breaking site policy on "bumping" and low quality posting. This was revealed in a thread  moved to the [[Rules, Announcements, News, and Feedback]] section. There was also a member who was offering a service to Marketers members to have their threads bumped. Many members' accounts were accidentally deleted upon the group closure and most were eventually recovered.
The group was purchased by [[Cryptic]] and remained a blank group for approximately a month, until June of 2013, when the group was reformed into [[The Brotherhood]].
*Must be a member of HF for at least 8 months.
*Must have at least 700 posts.
*Must have a warning level of 0%.
*No spamming or LQ posting.
*No marketplace violations.
*Negative reputation will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
*No flaming members.
*No unresolved deal disputes.
Userbar: [Image: marketers-userbar.gif]
Ficon: [Image: marketers-ficon.png]
Group Banner: [Image: marketerslogo.png]

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