Malware Removal Team

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Malware Removal Team
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The official Malware Removal Team.
Status: Defunct
Type: Site
Founded: December, 2012
Owner: Omniscient
Past Leaders InfallibleValiantAsSaSs@iNParadoxumT3h Hack3rRDCA
Previous Iteration: HiJack This! Team
Next Iteration: -
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The Malware Removal Team of Hack Forums is here to help you remove malware, viruses, RATs and any other malicious software you may have on your computer.


The group was originally known as the HiJack This! Team, also referred to as the HJT Team, and was formed by Valiant on June 17, 2010. It was then modified and renamed as the Malware Removal Team (MRT) in December of 2012. The Malware Removal Team team decided to split into two separate groups in August of 2013; one group for graduates and the other for students. They were the only group on Hack Forums to have a section that all forum members could view. In this section, users who believed their computer may have been infected with a virus were able to follow a set list of instructions and then make a thread where someone would help them disinfect their machine (after following instructions from a graduate).

Upon graduating from the MRT course, members were given the MRT Graduate award and could officially help others with their issues in the appropriate section.

Current Status

The group was deleted by Omniscient as a result of a conflict in interest over where he expected the group to go and the feasibility of the MRT project.