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Welcome to the Hack Forums Official Wiki!

The Hack Forums Wiki is a collaboration of useful and unique information about the website It details user biographies, award information, the history of the website, and much more. The Wiki is a place where members new and old can find out more about a certain user, an in-depth analysis on one of the popular tools or people on the forum, or even just have some clarification of a specific hacking term that they may not have heard before. The Wiki is constantly being updated, checked, and scrutinized to make sure that members have the most accurate information on a particular topic.

It is currently maintained by the Wiki Team.

How to Contribute

Unlike other public wikis, the Hack Forums Wiki is carefully moderated. Because of this, the ability to freely edit articles is restricted, in order to preserve the integrity and accuracy of the site's articles. If you wish to make a suggestion or contribution, please contact Ethereal via the Hack Forums Instant Message or Private Message systems.

Alternatively, you can registerfor the Wiki, or contribute to the public Wiki forum.

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