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Logic was a group for members of Hack Forums to discuss whatever they want to without the fear of hate, prejudice or irrational arguments. The group was changed from the Coders group, after it was purchased for a discounted price by Hexicidal in July 2012. Recruitment opened on July 27, 2012. The group underwent a massive reformation in November 2012 and finally after much deliberation by Hexicidal, it was announced to have been put up for sale on January 14, 2013. The group was sold to the user Sandshrew and his affiliates on January 30, 2012.


Mission Statement

Logic is a group for those to discuss what one wishes. Topics include the philosophical, psychological, religious, political, metaphysical, scientific, intellectual, and logical.


Following the dispute surrounding Honor et Veritas and the dismantlement of the Coders, Omniscient posted that he would allow a member to purchase the Coders for a discounted price under several conditions. That member was Hexicidal, and the group was transferred to his ownership. After several months, he paid $500 to Omniscient to change the Coders into Logic. Following the purchase of Logic, over the course of the next few months, activity was noted by Hexicidal to have been declining, with the sub forum barely garnering posts. In order to combat this, post requirements were introduced, however, the situation continued to decline until November, when all but the leaders and the most influential of members were kicked in order to revamp the sub forum and institute rules which were to promote activity. Consideration was given to changing the user bar to signify the finalizing of the group revamp but it was decided against in the end. Following this, Logic was opened for recruitment once again, with Anal OG being introduced as a leader during this period in order to hopefully revolutionize the group, however, following difficulties and a minor internal schism, Anal OG opted to step down rather than escalate matters. On the January 13, 2013, Hexicidal announced Logic would be making use of an open-door policy in which all members that applied would be accepted, as the group would be sold to Sandshrew and his business partners. Six days later, Logic removed nearly all its member base and the open-door policy was ended, with only the leaders and members looking to purchase Logic remaining. Logic was formally announced to have been changed hands and renamed The Angels by January 30 of the same year.


From the beginning until Logic's end, the group held recruitment four times, with varying requirements for each recruitment thread. Members often applied in a recruitment thread, though spots were rarely sold by Hexicidal for $50 if the member met the current requirements.

Recruitment thread 1 Purchasing entry into the group was an option at the time if people met these requirements. The application had a set format and members were expected to fill out the answers to the questions provided to the best of their ability. Requirements included:

  • Must have at least 500 posts
  • No unresolved or open scam reports
  • At least 50 reputation
  • A warning level below 35%
  • Acceptable grammar

Recruitment thread 2 Application for Logic revolved around give meaningful questions which the applicant would ask and answer themselves, with the best replies receiving an invitation to Logic. Requirements included:

  • At least 750 posts
  • No unresolved or open scam reports
  • At least 50 reputation
  • An open mind

Recruitment thread 3 The application for this thread was incredibly subjective, with a minimalistic application template. However, users were asked to write two detailed paragraphs on a topic of their choice, so long as it was controversial and revolved around then current world news. Requirements included: This recruitment thread was unique in the fact that no specific requirements were listed, unlike the last two recruitment threads.

Recruitment thread 4 The application for Logic was then similar to that of the second recruitment, where the main point was for applicants to submit and answer three questions of their choice. The most original and descriptive questions and answers were awarded a place in Logic. An additional clause was added to the requirements, being that the member in question had to have at least 600 posts in the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics section to be considered, in an attempt to increase the amount of discussion and debate in the sub forum. Requirements included:

  • 600 posts
  • 100 Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics posts
  • No unresolved or open scam reports
  • Positive reputation
  • An open mind

Group Change

The group was sold by Hexicidal to Sandshrew for an undisclosed amount of money. The group was changed to The Angels, but was shortly put back into Hexicidal's control due to Sandshrew's financial issues.