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Group History

In January 2013, Anonymous and Vinnie decided to partner up and purchase a group together. They purchased the group 'The Corporation' and renamed it to 'Legion'.

Within the first month of the group's creation, its members had already contributed greatly to the Hacking Tutorial section with more than 30 in-depth tutorials. In February, their official "HelpDesk" was established in the Beginner Hacking section and has since received several hundred replies. Due to the success of this HelpDesk, more were created, dedicated to specific topics such as hash decryption and RATs.

On February 5th, 2013, Omniscient announced that the Hack Forums upgrades database had been compromised. It was later learned that this was due to the acts of a member of the Root usergroup. There was hostility between Root and Legion as they were both hacking-oriented groups, and subsequently, the personal information (DOX) of each member of Legion was released. The accounts of the Root leaders were later closed, along with the Root usergroup.

The group was deleted by Omniscient as a result of a large scam report on its owner, Anonymous.

Goal or Manifesto

We are Legion.

Legion's main goal is to bring the 'hacking' back to Hack Forums by publishing tutorials, help desks and information to educate people on the art of hacking. They seek dedicated and knowledgeable members to fulfill this goal, and strive for excellence in the way they are represented.


The group is invite only. This means that there will not be any official recruitments, though the leaders and members are constantly scouting for potential group members. The group solely recruits dedicated users with a developed skill set based around hacking. Activity within the hacking section, dedication and attitude are all taken into consideration when inviting new members.


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