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| DateFounded      = September 14, 2015
| DateFounded      = September 14, 2015
| Owner            = [[Raymond Reddington]]
| Owner            = [[Raymond Reddington]]
| Leaders          = [[Bull™]] {{o}} [[MeshCollider]] {{o}} ɅʁɱªÐą
| Leaders          = [[Bull™]] {{o}} [[MeshCollider]] {{o}} ɅʁɱªÐą {{o}} [[test]]
| PastLeaders      =  
| PastLeaders      =  
| PreviousIteration = -
| PreviousIteration = -

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Legends (Userbar).png

Others toil their entire lives to make a name for themselves, Some are just born LEGENDS.
Status: Active
Founded: September 14, 2015

[[Raymond Reddington|Raymond Reddington

Leaders Bull™MeshCollider • ɅʁɱªÐą • test
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: -
Legends (Banner).png


Legends is a diverse group not fixed on a particular agenda. Only people who make the cut will be accepted. Legends strives to contribute, teach and learn as individuals. They do not consider prestige or reputation to increase any chances of getting in Legends. They also expect high quality members willing to contribute to our group as well as the community - we always welcome such members wholeheartedly.


The group was founded on September 14, 2015 after a payment of approximately $8500 in Bitcoins was made towards Omniscient for an official group slot. The intentions of the group is to contribute as much as possible, in any way to the forum.

Current Status

  • General Recruitment is closed as of November 19th, 2015.